Thar Desert . Desert Sands National Park , Rajasthan , India . Feb 18

Thar Desert . Desert Sands National Park , Rajasthan , India . Feb 18 . 

A jeep ride into the Thar Desert from the Golden City of Jaiselmer , my heart opened and expanded into the semi arid desert scapes in front of me as the jeep drove through , much so only because the land consciouness of the Thar desert area was as such , a vast expanse of invitation to open yourself up ! A beautiful camel ride over the Khuri sand dunes to view the sunset , and returning back to the desert camp , spotting deers skirting shyly through the desert shrubs . We were treated to a celebratory Rajasthani folk dance performance cum buffet dinner , isnt that what life is about , being glorious , celebrating and living every moment of it whilst you are still breathing , through music , dance and engaged activities that uplifts the soul . Thank you for adventure desert safari for organising this awesome experience for our group ! 

The following day , we journeyed into a a very remote regions of the desert to visit a traditional local village with mud houses . Greated by very sweet innocent and curious children who came up happily to play with us and warmly invited us to their home for a cup to tea . Simple uncorrupted sweet heartness at its best from the villagers , a lasting gratitude for their gracious hosting .