Son Doong Cave Expedition , Vietnam . Aug 17

Son Doong Cave Expedition , Vietnam . Aug 17 .

A unforgetable 4 day/3nights expedition with Oxalis tours to Hang En Cave ( world’s 3rd largest ) and Son Doong Cave ( world’s largest ) in Phong Na Ke Bang National Park , Vietnam . Son Doong Cave – recently discovered , was a world unto itself , a primodial yin consciousness that holds a gateway to the galaxies beyond . Awaking at 3am at Campsite 1 near the cave entrance towards ‘Watch out for the Dinosaurs ‘ segment of the cave , in sheer darkness , greated by lumnious ethereal amobeic beings , carressing my skin gently , i let go , to be held by them , and was taken  through a portal , absorbed within the consciousness of the cave , into out of mother earth , to the galaxies beyond . Healing yin frequencies from , carried through my body , ready to give  to any passerby who is willing to receive and listen to her . This cave – as it is ancient , is much alive , spiritually and physically , still breathing , still changing to the elements of flowing water , wind and light that sculptures her course .

There are several other hundreds of caves here worth exploring , some are off the beaten track requiring guides , some are show caves – Paradise Cave being one of them , a creation from the Wolrd of the Gods apparent . If you have time , a 3 hour road trip to the imperial city of Hue with its surrounding lovely moat and river can reawaken the literal poet in u 🙂