B.I.X Transformation

B.I.X Transformation


Counselling  ~ . Healing  ~  Personal Transformation 


 B.I.X Counselling can help clients heal, unravel obstacles and challenges they face in their lives. Sessions facilitate openings which allows one to tangibly connect to their individual essence within, so they become present in their daily living in an authentic way. New paradigms for living are created as a result of the work .

During a session / consultation , clients can freely share their life experiences and challenges if they wish to, and with compassionate listening , they are held in a safe space with a quality of presence to enable realisations to arise within themselves .
Healing ensues, resulting in life changing openings. The consultation process may lead clients to find the things, activities they truly love and enjoy engaging with in life.

Sessions are often conducted in a creative , fun and engaging way . Session formats can range from an hour long sharing session in an office setting to engaging in something appropriate for the individual outdoors . 


What B.I.X Transformation Sessions can do for you :


Counselling , Healing , Personal Transformation


Connecting to ones’s  inner creativity

Healing of Emotional , Psychological Issues .

Enhancement of Relationships

Couple Wellbeing , Intimacy 

Looking for something Interesting to engage in your life that suits you.